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How Do You Wear an Arab Perfume the Right Way?

by Rahman Shoieb 02 Oct 2023

Arab perfumes, including oudh fragrances, hold a rich history.

Unlike the recent modernisation of perfumes in Western culture, the Arabs are renowned for their perfumery and art. If you look at the history of perfume, you will find its links to ancient innovations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Chinese, and further by Arabs.

The art of perfumery in Arab gave birth to a wide number of premium scents. In fact, Arabs are known to develop perfumes as well as commercialise them in the global market. The links can be found in the historical book penned down by Al-Kindi in "Book of The Chemistry of Perfumes and Distillation".

Oudh and Bukhoor - Popular Arab Scents
Oudh perfume is a symbol of true opulence and undying luxury.

Popularly known as an Arabian note, the most renowned out of all perfumes are the oudh perfume. Developed from the wood of agar, the perfume finds itself from Turkmenistan to Mozambique. Apart from this, Rose, Jasmine, Musk and so on are on the list.

Another popular variant of fragrance known as Bukhoor is also notable in the Islam subcontinents. Bukhoor is prepared by blending a different kind of scents and moulding them into a ball. This ball is mostly burnt in mosques or shopping malls for a soothing fragrance.

Wearing Oudh Like an Arab

You can find a distinct variety of perfumes in the West but there's something about an Arab perfume that makes it special. Arabic perfumes are usually highly concentrated. Thus, moderation is the key while wearing an Arabian perfume.

Unlike Western perfume, you can not simply throw this scent on your clothes. You need to first check its concentration by spraying in the air before its application.

Now, high concentration also translates to the longevity of the perfume. Thus, an Arabian perfume including oudh perfume will not give off easily for a minimum of eight hours. The rule is simple, the more you wear, the more it will stay. It depends on your choice whether you wish to wear less or more.

Additionally, the other thing to note about Arabian perfume is where to wear it. Other perfumes can be worn directly on clothes, but Arabian perfumes need to be worn on your skin. It is best to apply a little quantity of perfume on your skin to emit a beautiful fragrance all day long.

Wearing on the skin doesn't imply throwing it on your neck or under the arms. Instead, spray it on your wrists or behind the knees or behind the ears. If you wish, you can also apply it on your jewellery for maximum benefits.

Wrapping up

Arabian perfumes are rich and define luxury in every way. The scent of an Arabic perfume can be spotted from miles away. That's what makes it unique and special.

Are you looking for an authentic Arabian perfume online? It is better to buy from a genuine source to invest in a good quality perfume. At Tawakkal, we have an exclusive collection of different scents that can offer you the magic of Arab right at your doorstep. Visit us here to find your premium fragrance!

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